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Women Riders




All across the country, women are discovering the thrill of riding Harley-Davidson® motorcycles down the open road.

Whether you've been riding on the back of a Harley® bike and you're ready to move to the front, or you're new to the sport of motorcycling - this information is for you. Once you've made the decision to climb into the saddle, you'll never look back.


Riding a motorcycle as a passenger is fun, but if you've always wanted to be in the front seat and want to experience all the things that make motorcycling great – like hitting the throttle, rolling into a curve, and feeling the wind.

The list of reasons why women decide to ride Harley-Davidson® motorcycles is as long as the open road itself. Here are some common reasons why women decide to climb into the saddle - - ADVENTURE - CAMARADERIE - FREEDOM


A look through the personal collections of riders from the past shows that women have always been a part of the Harley-Davidson family. Early Motor Company advertising photos frequently featured women in genteel garb, posing with the latest motorcycles.

Even more evidence of the strong part women have played in shaping the sport of motorcycling can be found in the accounts and photos from personal collections. Select image to explore the History of Female Riders!

Ladies, at The Harley-Davidson Shop at the Beach, we understand and know that motorcycling is not just for men. We appreciate that women are riders. When you walk in our dealership to look at purchasing a motorcycle rest assured that our dedicated Sales staff will not ignore you.

If you are a New Rider in the beginning stages of purchasing a bike and you have unanswered questions and need help, our highly trained and dedicated Sales Staff here at The Harley-Davidson® Shop at the Beach. North Myrtle Beach, SCwill assist you and guide you in the right direction.


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